Ethiopia Harrar Longberry Brown

Coffee with a good acidity and great lenght in the mouth. Very limd with notes of hazelnuts and fruits.

22.00 $/ 500 g

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Brown

Mild coffee with intense fruity flavors. Nice acidity. Delicate woody aroma.

21.50 $/ 500 g

Kenya AA Black

Full bodied coffee with moderate bitterness. Notes of caramel. Extremely good black coffee.

22.00 $/ 500 g

Kenya AA Brown

Coffee with good body and nice acidity. Taste of red fruits and berries.

21.00 $/ 500 g

Kenya AA Medium Roast

Fragant coffee with moderate acidity. Notes of red fruits. Medium bodied.

21.50 $/ 500 g

Moka Java Black

Full bodied coffee with a pleasant and light bitterness. It is a blend of beans from Ethiopia and Java. Very aromatic.

22.50 $/ 500 g

Moka Java Brown

Creamy coffee with good body. It is a blend of beans from Ethiopia and Java. Flavor of chocolate and smooth taste.

21.50 $/ 500 g

Tanzania Peaberry Medium Roast

Coffee with a moderate body and a bold and rich taste. Aromas of red fruits, citrus fruits and floral notes.

19.75 $/ 500 g