Black tea from India, Assam Behora region. Powerful tea with malty notes and a nice astringency.

8.95 $/ 100 g


Black tea from Sri Lanka from the Lovers Leap region. Delicate black tea with lemon flavor.

8.95 $/ 100 g


Black tea grown high in the mountains of West Bengal. Wonderful taste with delicate strength. Spicy notes and floral aroma.

12.95 $/ 100 g

Decaf Peach Apricot

Black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). 100% decaffeineted. Sweet character with smooth and intense peach apricot flavour. Astringent with full-bodied taste.

16.55 $/ 100 g

Earl Gray Superior

Black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Incredible aroma !

9.55 $/ 100 g

English Breakfast

Black tea from China, perfect for breakfast, and often served with milk.

8.95 $/ 100 g